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Daily Activities 

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morning coffee

Everyday we start our mornings with a warm or cold beverage: coffee, hot chocolate, tea, juice, or water. We catch up on the events of the previous day and begin our program. 

Current events

We can't help to be impacted by the world around us. We talk current and past events. With use of, "this day in history", we can recall stories of the past. 

Morning Brain Teasers

Every morning at 10:00 a.m. we like to get our minds and memories rolling. We play trivia, "what's in the name", name that tune and many other cognitive activities.  

Light exercise

Each day, at the same time, we have our daily exercise routine. We start off with light stretching, move on to weight baring exercises with use of light weights, and finish off with resistance band exercises. 

Nutritious Lunch

ADC services include lunch. Provided by Walla Walla Senior Center Nutrition. These meals provide 1/3 of the nutritional daily requirements for seniors.

Card and board games

Board and card games are fun for all, some of our favorites at the center include: "7 card no peaky" poker, triominos (three sided dominos), jenga, connect four, bingo, jingo and  headbands. 

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Water colors

Each month we have a new watercolor project. Our volunteer instructor comes in twice a month to work on projects. Your favorites to be entered in the Walla Walla County Fair.  

Musical guests

Our musical guests vary each week. We've had the privilege of having violin players, piano instructors, local musicians, blue grass folk, old French string instruments, and Ukulele Ladies The "Ukuladies". 

Group games & activities

With all the activities previously listed,  the one time of day we might enjoy the most is our group games and activities time slot. This is where we can get competitiveness out. Games and activities include: Bowling, Nerf Target practice, History Trivia, Miniature basketball shootout, and Show and/or Story Tell.   


To end the day and while we wait for our rides to pick our participants up, light snacks are provided. Snacks meet individualized dietary restrictions. 

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