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Join our program!

How to Join

The joining and application process is quick and simple. First, initial contact must be made, if the interested client is not affiliated with Aging and Long Term Care or the Veterans Administration. See joining process below.


1. Contact us

Give us a call or email our Walla Walla Adult Day Center. 

Phone: (509)527-3775 ext. 3

Call directly to the Senior Center and a friendly staff will be direct your call to our office. 


2. Initial Meeting

Once initial contact (call or email) is made, the program director will make a home visit to the potential participant and family (if applicable). Program evaluation/intake paperwork will be performed and provided at this time.

3. Intake paperwork

We will then complete the intake paperwork which consists of program consents, signatures and program information. If fitting, referrals to community agencies will be provided to facilitate the funding of our services to each new potential participant.

4. Program Visit

After all forms are filled out and initial home visit is performed, the participant can then experience the Adult Day Center program for one service day, free of charge. By doing so, potential participants and family can see if it's something the individual enjoys and can benefit from.

5. Done!

At this point, we hope the potential participant wants to join our Adult Day Center family. All of the hard work is done and they are all set to attend our program.

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